CVAE INSIDEWelcome to Central Valley Ag Exports, Inc.
Central Valley Ag Exports specializes in packaging and exporting top quality beans, peas, and lentils both domestically and internationally. Our goal is to find the finest beans, peas, lentils and rice from the fertile lands of America and to bring them to market and supermarket shelves internationally.

We ensure devoted customer care. Our project managers lead teams and oversee all aspects of orders from start to finish and are always available to customize orders, answer your questions or concerns.
Central Valley Ag Exports purchases product directly from growers.

“We Understand Quality Agriculture Means Good Food.”

03We offer a variety of CVAE generic labels or private label packaging! One of our generic labels is “Célimène”; it is an identity brand infused with Caribbean culture. By targeting this market with labeling features & price competitiveness, we have grown Caribbean sales to where “Célimène” now holds the largest market share in the French West Indies. Our packaging facility allows us to be extremely flexible and dynamic! We are capable of packaging store name brands or private labels to meet your requirements. If you are on a rush or need someone closer to the Central Valley to pack your commodities, we are the solution you are looking for! We offer low cost co-packing contracts with different level of products assembly. You can provide the products and/or the film or we can supply them at a low cost because of our current high volumes. Call us at (559) 734-1754 for your custom orders!



Celia's Pinto Beans1-2000 lb bags

Celia's Lentils1-2000 lb bags Celia's Long Grain Rice1-2000 lb bags Celia's Yellow Split Peas1-2000 lb bags Celia's Popcorn1-2000 lb bags