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CVAE Inc. contracts with growers and food brokers from the fertile lands of North America to bring the bulk food industry the finest quality products from the farm to store shelves with unmatched volume pricing on beans, peas, lentils and rice.


Packaging options are our specialty! We are experts in catering to foreign package regulation and import restrictions. We specialize in packaging and exporting both domestically and internationally. We offer bag sizes in 1 lb, 2 lb, 4 lb, 5 lb, 10 lb, 20 lb bags and totes.


We package store name brands or private labels for national corporations, bulk food suppliers and mom and pop companies in America and abroad. You can provide the products and/or the film or we can supply them at a low cost because of our current high volumes.


We offer a variety of packaging weights including 1 lb to 20 lb bags along with bulk totes. We can fulfill pallet orders as well as up to full truck loads.


With less than 10 employees, CVAE Inc. is considered a small team by industry standards. To our staff, this is understood to be one of our greatest strengths. We are not a collection of jobs and titles but rather a community of professionals committed to making the best product possible for our customers. Each member of our community is charged with giving their maximum effort and passion for high quality in our products and customer relations. Find Out More

Didier Vivies

Didier Vivies

Chief Executive Officer
Rose Vinzon

Rose Vinzon

Finance and Accounting Manager
Ludivine Vivies

Ludivine Vivies

Food Safety Manager


The food industry gets bigger and bigger every day, but the quality of ingredients and the quality of people selling those ingredients is becoming more and more scarce. Their line of beans, lentils and rice is superior to most, at an unbelievable price, with unmatched service.

John MCcabe

Cost Less

We have been doing business with CVAE Inc. for over 8 years. We find them very reliable and personable to deal with and they always deliver what they promise. There's a live person answering the phone, and they are able to assist with any order you have. They always have the best quality and rates.

Judy Smith

Great deal for bulk beans, the pricing is just fantastic. We also like that we can customize our orders. Our customers at the restaurant love them!

Jamie Washington


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