Central Valley Ag Exports, Inc carries a large variety of legumes such as beans, peas, lentils and rice. We can offer a variety of qualities based on color, size or grade. Our familiarity with the European markets has made us domestic experts in non-GMO product sourcing. We monitor growers and processors to guarantee non-GMO certification.

Our Products Include (but are not limited to):
- Beans: Light Red Kidney, Dark Red Beans, Small Red Beans, Black Beans, Pink Beans, Pinto Beans, Navy Beans, Great Northern Beans, Garbanzo, Mayocoba
- Peas: Yellow Split Peas, Green Split Peas, Black Eyed Peas, Pigeon Peas
- Lentils: Green French Lentils, Richlea Lentils, Brewers Lentils
- Brown and White Rice
- Quinoa
- Popcorn
- Hominy