CVAE contracts with growers and food brokers to bring bulk food items from farm to store shelves in volume.  The role of the Pulses Materials and Process Engineer is to improve the grain and packaging process as well as maintain the operations of the plant.  The duties include:

Design Plant Packaging Procedures:  Design processing plant equipment and direct processing procedures to automate line for cost efficiency, accuracy and lower labor costs.  Plan and evaluate new and ongoing projects, prepare budgets, analyze labor/production costs and draft mechanical reports and technical specifications.  Main task is to computer automate the manual line.

Research and Development:  Review and analyze new product plans and recommend material selection, design objectives, and cost.  Knowledge of metal and plastics properties required.  Plan and implement operations to develop material and fabrication procedures that meet production specifications, performance standards and cost.  Remain current on industry standards, local, state, and federal government regulations and new engineering developments.

Quality Control:  Test and select materials for strength, weight, heat resistance, and durability.  Conduct and supervise test runs with raw materials and finished products to ensure quality control.  Analyze product failure data and laboratory results to determine causes of problems and develop solutions.  Conduct regular maintenance of equipment and inspection.


Must possess master’s degree in Materials Engineering.

APPLY:  Send resume and cover letter to job site:

Attn:  Rose Vinzon

Central Valley Ag. Exports
345 E. Tulare Avenue, Suite D
Visalia, CA  93277